weight loss

Slip ups

So last night I got home very late, I was absolutely starving. I will say that yesterday was planned until I had a family crisis, I stayed on plan but ate my lunch very late. I was so hungry but stuck to plan. When I finished lunch at 6pm I was still hungry. But I… Continue reading Slip ups


Feeling amazing

For anyone who didn't see yesterdays blog, last night's challenge was to avoid the takeaway when I go to my mam's on a Saturday night, and ... I did it! Happy dance time. So today is Sunday and after my victory last night, I woke up thinking I deserved something nice for "staying strong". Any… Continue reading Feeling amazing


Weekend buster

Every weekend I head back to my home house on a Saturday night. Usually arrive late, after an early dinner and I am starving. The ease of grabbing the takeaway menu was too easy. I found it harder to plan when outside my own house. As if I was on holidays. But I wasn't, this… Continue reading Weekend buster



Today for the first time in a long time I sat down and made myself plan a week ahead. To be honest, it was torture. I know why it was torture, it was down to my habit of playing it by year. Seeing what happens, being what I thought was "flexible". The only flexibility it… Continue reading Planning!


I’m backĀ 

So I started this blog to help me be accountable. Then I thought maybe I was making it too complicated that I needed to take time to work on my journey without posting. Now I've realised that I enjoyed writing blogs, they didn't hinder my weight loss, in fact around the time of blogging each… Continue reading I’m backĀ 


Whipping the weekend into shape!

Feeling great today, sticking to plan all day. Just sitting down to relax. After all I was working today, but usually tonight is takeaway night, NOT TONIGHT!   Just after dinner and I have honestly never felt better. This weekend will be mine! Unislim is a lifestyle not a weekday diet after all, my best… Continue reading Whipping the weekend into shape!