About Me

My name is Aine. I weigh 16 stone 10 pounds. When I started my journey in June 2016 with unislim I weighed 18 stone 7 pounds. Since then the very lowest I have gotten was 16 stone. With a tough couple of months, I have taken control again. Goals are set. Summer is here. Come along with me for some motivation, insights and help for the difficult days. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you enjoy it. 


Fell off the wagon. At my heaviest I was back at 17st 4.5lbs. I have pulled back from the blog, but I’m still working hard! 

I now have gotten my 2 stone cert back! This means I am not 16st 7lbs! I am so happy, and I found it very difficult. Baby steps and we can all get there!