It’s Monday

For me I’m not a big Monday fan. In fact it hits hump day on my tracker. Just to make it a little more unlikable. There is a reason to like Mondays. 

  1. It’s back to routine, I find it easier to stay on track when I’m back to the weekdays. Mind it takes a little planning. But once you put in that but of effort on a Sunday night there is no reason why Mondays food can’t kick ass! Plus if you make good food choices you feel better. It makes every choice after that easier.
  2. It’s a fresh start! Take one meal at a time. Okay so you got up this morning and had an off plan breakfast. Don’t write off the day, you have 2 meals and 2 snacks that can pull you back to being on plan! 
  3. You can choose to pick up your mood. Think positive. It’s easier jump to the negative over positive. Every time your mind slips into a bad thought, change it, think of something positive. Eventually, this will become automatic, that will mean more positive thoughts!

Make everyday a great day. For me the days I hate are Sunday’s as they are the highest  chance of me falling off the wagon. 

Notice your habits. I write them down, I notice patterns. When I notice them I can change them. Some times we don’t realise habits we have made. But when we know knowledge is power! 

Happy Monday!

As for me, I had a really good weekend. Unfortunately that makes me scared and aware that when things are going good, I self sabotage. Telling myself, I deserve a treat for being good at the weekend. Not this week. This week my treat is the number on the scales. I have treat bites for each evening to help keep me on plan. I don’t have to use them but I have them as a safety net. I am determined to fight my bad habits and make every week better than the last!

T-3 days to weigh day 



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