Weigh day!

Went to class tonight and without a doubt the Hail Mary’s paid off. After a hell of a weekend that rolled on till Monday, I expected a gain. Thanks be to God I stayed the same. 

I attend Unislim Kanturk class, we had an amazing new leader come to talk to us, Jenny McAuliffe. Her talk was so inspirational! She is an amazing lady! After hearing her story, it snapped me back to my reality, why I was there, why I started. Not only that but why losing weight was worth it. 

I tend to get low moods from time to time from a hormonal imbalance. Lately I’ve come to a crossroads with unislim asking, why can’t I do what I want, enjoy myself and stop worrying about everything I put in my mouth. Why can’t I be carefree. Tonight, it hit me. I am at my happiest when I eat right. I feel the best when I make good choices. 

It has taken me weeks to get back on plan. It started with forcing myself to, putting plans in place to avoid pitfalls. I told myself it would be second nature soon, this is what I needed to get back. It wasn’t, I needed to remember why I started. Something I was struggling with, but after listening to Jenny’s talk tonight, it clicked. I remembered I joined to be healthy. I had not started to change myself, in fact had grown to love my body. I didn’t care that I was 18st 7lb. It was a number. I wasn’t in a rush. It was after I lost weight and put it back on I lost my confidence. I lost my belief in myself. Now I hated myself for “giving in”. Now the numbers mattered to me, more than ever before. 

I’m with Unislim for my health! 

I’m with Unislim for a new understanding of food.

With that comes weight loss, it doesn’t mean I should hate the body I’m in. It shouldn’t mean. I lose my confidence. It like I left my confidence behind when I started gaining again. Doesn’t make much sense when I’m smaller now than when I started. But it was how I felt. 

Happy weigh day! 


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