Feeling amazing

For anyone who didn’t see yesterdays blog, last night’s challenge was to avoid the takeaway when I go to my mam’s on a Saturday night, and … I did it! Happy dance time. So today is Sunday and after my victory last night, I woke up thinking I deserved something nice for “staying strong”. Any excuse eh? But I sat down with my morning coffee and thought about how a minus feels on the scales, it is the biggest reward I can give myself. A breakfast roll wasn’t going to give me that satisfaction.

So I got up, prepared my porridge, and enjoyed every bite, more so as I knew I had worked hard to stay on plan. I even began cleaning my mam’s house as a present to her, I was feeling great! Then when mam saw the house, she offered to buy brunch. It was such a tempting offer, I had stayed on plan, one meal wouldn’t hurt eh? Yes it would, for me one meal is enough to make me spiral, so with my motivation at an all time high, I turned down her offer, instead she had brunch and I enjoyed 2 bacon medallion’s and a banana. It was still a treat, which was great.

Now I have 2 bonus bites in the bank from cleaning, a healthy breakfast and snack, and now I’m ready to take on the rest of the day with the hunger for a loss. Up until this week, if I was going off plan, I would go to town “making the most” of the meal I took off. Not anymore, making the most of a meal is now down to whether it is as close to plan as I can get while still enjoying life. 

Happy Sunday everyone, hope your day will be as kick ass as mine is. 


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