Diet Vs Exercise; what I did wrong

From Christmas on this year I threw myself into the gym and running. I was out at least 6 days a week doing at least an hours exercise. This was on top of going to college 5 days a week, on those days I wouldn’t  I be home till at least 6. I thought I was invincible. Turns out you can’t undo a bad diet, no matter how much you exercise. I ended up eating the wrong foods thinking I could because I was burning extra calories. I loved working out, I didn’t do it for any other reason. To be honest, most of the time I was so exhausted when I would get home I would collapse. This lead to terrible choices, including takeaways, high calorie snack and junk food. 

This didn’t boost my weight loss it destroyed it. Within 4 weeks I was sick. As soon as I recovered I fell back into the same routine. I couldn’t get away from it, nor did I realise the damage I was doing. I was always tired, making fast, bad decisions. 

Until now, I didn’t realise how important diet actually is. At the moment I have cut out high intensity exercise, I have began walking again also. I use my time to plan ahead and I stick as much as I can to my diet. Now I know food is most important. One of the things that helps me most is tracking everything that goes into my mouth. 

I really wanted to write about this, it was my biggest battle on my journey. I had lied to myself and said I was burning enough calories to eat what I want. Unfortunately, you can’t do that. There were many factors involved in the issues I experienced. One of them being not having enough time, to be honest I think that if time was on my side, I would still make bad decisions as I was exhausted. If you are experiencing bumps along your journey don’t panic. This is a learning curve for the rest of your life, this isn’t a quick fix. Take your time, make your mistakes, but don’t ever give up!


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