I love my fitbit. I bought it last november in the sales, it is by far one of my best purchases. I have the fitbit blaze. It tracks everything for my including inclines, exercise, steps, heart rate, distance, sleep and calories burned. On top of that, it helps me to set goals. Not only daily goals but also hourly goals. It helps me stay on plan.

Before the introduction of the unislim application, I also used it to track my food and water. For anyone struggling to exercise, I would strongly recommend downloading an application which tracks your steps. Fitbit for me is my favorite and I love my fitbit blaze.

It’s not only a watch, it gives me a better insight into my everyday life. It also gives me the kick up the ass I need sometimes to get out and earn some bonus bites!

Why not give an application that tracks your steps a try. For anyone who rarely has their phone with them, then I would definitely recommend that fitbit. It tracks everything and you can sync it with your phone later to assess your day.

Have a great evening everyone and get some steps in!


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